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Our stylists are experienced with all hair types including thinning, curly, wavy, straight, flat, and heavy hair. We try to make every effort to please our guests, and therefore offer free consultations. Your hairstylist will assist in finding the perfect style for you based on your facial shape, career, personality, and daily time availability.

Expert hair coloring services by our professional staff; Our exclusive use of European hair colors provide you with color that is more than 97% naturally derived. We have hundreds of vibrant rich and high gloss colors to choose from. Each client carefully selects their new hair color with their stylist. We offer a multitude of color patterns to choose from including multi-dimensional and accentual foil highlighting.

Your frizzy hair can be straight smooth and sexy Our experts can fix your frizzy hair. Our smoothing systems can eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl from hair without damage. It leaves hair straighter, smoother, shinier, softer and more manageable while reducing drying time. This treatment takes 2-4 hrs. depending on the length and thickness of hair. The effects wear over 3-5 months Smoothing or Volumizing.

  • To serve customers with integrity by being loyal to them, the company, and ourselves. To give superior customer service consistently with a happy relentless attitude while standing within an affordable budget for families.

There is nothing more relaxing than a good hair spa treatment. At WowTheSalon, we pamper every strand of your hair thanks to the gifted, gentle hands of our hair care professionals. Hair spa is a healthy indulgence that exfoliates your hair, stimulates your scalp, and promotes hair growth.

    A hair spa treatment is the best solution for dry, frizzy hair. It also relaxes your body and relieves stress. That’s the best part about the hair spa!

Highlights are one of the biggest trends in hair colour technology. Highlights will give your hair the depth & dimension that you are looking for. We, at WowTheSalon, understand the importance of healthy hair and thus take utmost care while choosing the right colour for your hair. We will help you choose the best colour to suit your complexion, face shape, and overall persona.

Have you had ever wondered how your favourite television star has flawless hair every time? It’s probably extensions! You would be fascinated by the new look our extensions could give you in just a few hours. At WowTheSalon, we provide premium quality hair extensions that suit your hair texture and face without compromising on quality.

WowTheSalon offer 3 special manicures – Spa Manicure, Radiant Manicure and Intense Moisturizing Manicure.
The Spa Manicure is a herbal manicure that uses only organic products. This manicure helps you de-stress by releasing the tension from your nerves.

A pedicure is so much more than a cut and file for your nails. It releases the tension from your feet, relieving stress from your entire body.

At WowTheSalon, we specialize in 3 types of pedicure

  • Radiant Pedicure
  • Intense Moisturizing Pedicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • The Radiant Pedicure is best suited for tanned feet. It lightens tans and blemishes, making your feet beautiful. The Intense Moisturizing Pedicure is recommended for dry feet. Soak your feet in a specially designed moisturizing mixture and watch the dryness disappear!

  • The Spa Pedicure is an all-natural pedicure that uses organic products, which helps soothe your nerves that leaves you feeling completely relaxed.

At WowTheSalon, we believe that to be beautiful outside, you should start from the core. Reflexology helps keep you healthy from within, which reflects on your skin.

    Our Reflexologists apply pressure to your feet and hands using specific techniques without applying oil or lotion. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and energized!

Our wow beauty experts provide basic grooming sessions like threading and waxing unlike any other. Our professionals take utmost care to ensure our customers have a comfortable and relatively less painful experience. We use only good quality products with a gentle hand.

Eyebrow threading is done keeping in mind your facial features, while a full body waxing ensures a silky smooth result. At wow, we use a special liposoluble wax made from resin extracts and refined oils that nourishes your skin and removes tans.

    Our threading and waxing services include eyebrow threading, full body.

A face cleanup is important to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing!

WOW offer face cleanup for every skin type – be it oily, normal, dry, combination or acne-prone. The relaxing massage strokes during a face cleanup nourish your skin from deep within, relieving stress.

A face cleanup at Naturals will leave your skin with a natural glow!

A facial is not just about pampering yourself, it also does wonders for your skin! A facial done by a professional, deep cleans and hydrates your skin as well as relieves acne. A good facial also improves blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow.

At WOW, we use products containing vital minerals and nutrients that reduce wrinkles and remove dead skin, giving you a youthful appearance. Black mud, fruit acids, vitamins, enzymes, gold and anti-oxidants are just a few of the special ingredients found in our facials.

  • Nourish your skin and calm your mind with a soothing facial at WOW..

Facial bleaching at the Naturals beauty parlour is effective yet gentle on your skin. Facial bleaching is the best way to de-tan quickly while adding brightness to your skin.

  • WOW, beauty parlour’s skincare professionals bleach your face using techniques that do not damage, harm or change the texture of your skin. A face bleaching done at the WOW beauty parlour leaves you with skin that's fairer, fresher and flawless!

A facial mask is a beauty and cleansing treatment that is designed to tackle specific problems. A facial mask deep cleans and brightens your skin as well as heals acne scars and hyperpigmentation..

    Facial mask treatments at WOW will revitalize your skin, leaving you refreshed!

Your fairy tale wedding is now a reality! Naturals helps transform brides-to-be into beautiful princesses on their special day.Our wedding makeup artists and hairstylists create unique looks by blending international trends and traditional styles. This has inspired our 3 key bridal styles – the classic South Indian bride, the Bollywood inspired North Indian bride and the elegant Christian bride. .

Our bridal packages range from a one-day miracle package to a 3-month luxury package, which includes facials, body massage, under-eye treatment, skin lightening procedures and much more. WOW also offer wedding packages for grooms.


    WOW will travel to any destination for the bride-to-be. Our wedding makeup artists and hairstylists are available for outstation weddings at your request.

    WOW also offers outdoor services for the bride-to-be on her special day. Services like wedding makeup, wedding hairstyles and saree draping can be availed at any venue on request.


At wow skincare of restoration, acne treatment, and skin maintenance treatments are available at wow to enhance and improve skin texture along with addressing concerns such as acne and acne scars, congested or blocked oil glands, pigmentation, fine lines, deep wrinkles, and skin laxity. Our open pores treatment reduces blemishes and unclogs pores, helping one’s skin to regain its glow.

Scars are usually disfiguring and lead to low self-esteem. Severe acne or a delay in treatment is the most common cause of post-acne scarring. The scars present in three different ways: Atrophic: These are usually depressed scars and can present as:

  • Ice pick or V-shaped scars which are narrow and deep scars.
  • Rolling or M-shaped scars, they are shallow, superficial, and have an undulating appearance.
  • Box scars may be shallow or deep, with vertical edges, and are well defined.
  • Small scars close to the hair follicles are known as perifollicular elastolysis are also present

Hypertrophic scars: These are raised reddish-purplish firm scars due to overgrowth of scar tissue and usually present around the jawline. Keloid formation may occur too.

  • WOW offers the best treatments for scar removal and reduction returning your self-confidence and making you feel beautiful again. + Fraxel Laser+ Laser Genesis+ Chemical Peels+ Dermaroller+ Diamond abrasion

Acne is the most common and worrying skin condition present. The age of onset is around 11 years and can be a cause of concern even in adulthood. It is caused due to the inflammation and blocking of our hair follicles with dead skin and sebum. It has a varied severity in every person and can present as comedones, papules, pustules, and even as big nodules or cysts. It can heal with pigmentation and scarring and lead to low self-esteem, hence early management is important.

CAUSE: It can be caused due to a genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, UV radiation, smoking, and stress. These factors lead to increased sebum production (oily skin), the formation of comedones (white/blackheads), infection by propionibacterium acne and inflammation.

  • Grading Severity:

    • • Grade 1: Simple acne – no inflammation, comedones, and a few papules.
    • • Grade 2 : Comedones, papules and a few pustules.
    • • Grade 3: Larger inflammatory papules, pustules, and a few cysts; a more severe form involving the face, neck, and upper portions of the trunk.
    • • Grade 4: More severe, with cysts – nodulocystic acne.

    Complications: Scars and pigmentation are the biggest worries when acne heals with improper or no treatment.


    Treatments will be designed uniquely for every individual to give the best possible results

This is not a medical condition and more an aesthetic concern which makes our skin look unhealthy and aged. There are many contributing reasons for this poor skin texture:

  • • In most cases it can be genetic.
  • • Sun exposure which leads to photo ageing and loss of skin laxity.
  • • Excessive sebum production (oily skin) dilates the pores. They are usually seen over the T-zone areas.
  • • As we age and our collagen production decreases the pores become prominent.
  • The open pores are usually prone to form white and black heads due to clogging by the sebum produced. This results in an uneven, patchy texture and surface of the skin. The remedies for open pores are effortless and leave your skin looking younger fresher and well rejuvenated.

    Treatment + Hydrafacial+ Laser Genesis+ Fraxel Laser+ Chemical peels

Excess of melanin (pigment) deposition is always undesirable and the need to treat it immediately arises. Pigmentation can be superficial- restricted to the epidermis (brown) or deep – Dermal (blue-black). These conditions are usually unrelated to our well being but aesthetically are a cause of great concern.

Pigmentation can occur for a number of reasons:

  • • Melasma which is usually hormonal
  • • Post pregnancy
  • • Becker’s naevus
  • • Excessive exposure to sunlight – Sun spots
  • • Freckles
  • • Acanthosis nigricans
  • • Deep dermal pigmentation
  • • Use of wrong cosmetic products
  • • Post trauma or injury
  • • Post acne eruptions
  • • Hereditary
  • • Drug induced

    It is important to diagnose the underlying cause and treat pigmentary conditions with great caution as they do have tendencies to flare and worsen. At Aayna the treatments are uniquely designed according to the concerns.

    Treatment+ Chemical peels+ Medlite C6+ Fraxel Laser+ Medical Solutions

Rosacea which means “rose coloured”, is a condition which describes redness of the skin present mostly over the cheeks and nose. This redness is usually chronic and never really subsides but in fact is aggrevated on most conditions. Factors which result in its cause and aggrevation can be .

  • • Extreme of temperatures.
  • • Exposure to sunlight.
  • • Intake of spicy food, hot or cold beverages.
  • • Alcohol or beverages rich in caffeine.
  • • Anxiety, anger or emotional stress.
  • • Strenuous exercise.
    • • Hot baths, steam or sauna.
    • • Certain medications for blood pressure, cortisone, prednisolone.
    • • Demodex mite present on the skin.
    • •Rosacea can be present in four different forms
    • • Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea which presents as consistent redness over the cheeks, nose and chin. Telangiectasia ( tiny superficial blood vessels) is usually seen. It can be agrrevated by any of the triggering factors.
    • • Papulopustular rosacea this is a slightly more severe form which presents as permanent redness along with a few bumps over the affected areas, thus giving an uneven skin tone. Few acneiform eruptions may appear.
    • • Phymatous rosacea usually affects the nose. Makes it look thicker, more sebaceous, uneven and irregular. Can also affect the forehead, chin, ears, and eyes.
    • • Occular rosacea makes the eyes red and inflamed. It is associated with dryness and a gritty feel.
    Treatment+ Hydra Facial+ Laser Genesis

They are superficial, unsightly, tortuous, web like networks of veins present over the face or legs. They are usually harmless and rarely show any signs and symptoms but are aesthetically unappealing. They may be associated with burning or mild pain. The spider veins can present as telangiectasias (smaller) or as reticular veins (slightly larger and more tortuous). The various causes for spider veins can be:

  • • Hereditary
  • • People on oral contraceptive pills or hormonal replacement therapy.
  • • Long term application of corticosteroids.
  • • Obesity.
  • • Occupations that require standing for long durations.

During the process of healing post-trauma or surgery sometimes we develop unsightly scars. They are two types which are of greatest concerns are the hypertrophic scar and keloids.

  • • Hypertrophic scars Post-trauma, surgery, or conditions like acne and chickenpox which usually take longer than 3 weeks to heal can sometimes develop into scar tissues. Hypertrophic scars are usually raised and are confined to the areas of the wound. It can occur over any part of the body. Usually, they resolve on their own but most occasions they require medical intervention and usually respond very well.
  • • Keloids This is derived from the Greek word “chlorides”, meaning crab claw. These scars occur due to an exuberant tissue response at the healing site. This condition is usually hereditary and seen over the bony prominences like the chest, shoulder, upper back, arms and ear lobes. These scars usually extend beyond the area of the wound. At times they can be associated with itching or a burning sensation. The sooner they are treated the better they respond to treatment.

Treatment+ Fraxel Laser+ Laser Genesis+ Medical Management+ Intralesional Injection

These are also known as Striae, commonly present in women. These indentations which are usually seen over the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, thighs, calves and upper arms have a number of causative factors:.

  • • Pregnancy is the most common cause.
  • • Obesity.
  • • Sudden increase or loss of weight.
  • • Sudden growth spurt during puberty.
  • • The hormone cortisone.
  • • Corticosteroid medication.
  • • A few people may also have a genetic predisposition.

They are a result of the destruction of elastic fibres which are present in the dermis of the skin. This happens when the skin is stretched as it cannot keep up with the growth rate. The hormone cortisone weakens the elastic fibres and results in stretch marks in conditions like in Cushing’s syndrome and Marfan's syndrome. They are unsightly especially when they cover large areas of the body and their appearance is a cause of concern.

Treatment+ Fraxel Laser+ X Wave+ Medical Solutions+ Microdermabrasion

It is a perception of one’s own skin being easily reactive to change in weather conditions, products applied or to stress. People who have a high degree of an allergic component are more predisposed to it. The skin usually becomes irritated, itchy and angry even on application of day to day products. Mild amount of scratching can lead to redness. Such people have a loss of skin barrier function and are more predisposed to sunburns, allergic reactions, rosacea, acneiform eruptions and stinging sensations. In such conditions, it is important to moisturise and keep the skin well hydrated. Topical and oral medications need to be used with caution as they too can cause excessive drying and redness of the skin. People with sensitive skin usually are in discomfort and a long-lasting solution is always inviting.

Treatment+ Hydrafacial+ Laser Genesis+ Oxygen Infusion

Under-eye dark circles are the first telltale signs of fatigue, stress and lack of sleep. Also known as periorbital hypomelanosis. Most times a good nights’ sleep isn’t enough to get rid of them. They are numerous causes for dark circles some being

  • • Hereditary being an important cause as it may run in the families.
  • • Atopic dermatitis.
  • • People with a history of allergies like rhinitis and hay fever.
  • • Thyroid disorders
  • • Rubbing your eyes regularly
  • • Exposure to sunlight.
  • • Loss of fat over the cheeks and under-eye regions.
  • • Smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption.
  • • Excessive staring at computer screens.
  • • Dehydration.
  • • Environmental exposure.

Once the cause is identified the treatment regimen is defined for every individual unique to their needs. Treatment+ Medlite Laser+ Exilis Elite+ Thermage+ Fillers+ Medical Solutions

One of the most common concerns an aesthetic physician hears from their clients is that of dull skin. It is usually accompanied by dryness, sagging, acne, dark circles and pigmentation. Common causes of dull skin are dead skin build-up, dehydration, stress and hormonal issues like thyroid dysfunction, hyperandrogenism and environmental pollution. Heavy smokers and those whose diet lack in vitamins, minerals and water intake are susceptible to premature ageing of the skin.

Treatment+ Aesthetic Facials+ Chemical peels

Tanning is commonly caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun during incidental, prolonged and unprotected sun exposure. The process of tanning leads to a darkening of the complexion due to an increase in the melanin content of the melanocytes. Both UVA and UVB rays are responsible for tanning. The UVB rays are more harmful and can lead to skin cancers. Certain medications increase the sensitivity of the skin to the harmful effects of the sun, causing uneven dark patches.


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